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J. Lawrence Busby

Chief Executive Officer, OWNER

Jaime Busby is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gotham Photochemical Laboratory. 

His life changed forever after watching François Truffaut's "The 400 blows". The film revealed to him a question, "How can we actively preserve historical cinematic expressions of humanity?". He took it upon himself to answer this question and founded Gotham Photochemical in late 2015 at 22 years of age. He spent thirty months in a global search, tracking down every last piece of equipment needed to process, print, scan, record, and archive every format of motion picture film.

As a child actor and model during his pre-teens, he began a life-long love affair with film and a desire to become a Cinematographer at an early age.  To achieve his dream, he moved to Los Angeles at the young age of 14 to attend four year film school.  During the next four years, he focused his academic studies and hands on experience with an emphasis on Cinematography, film production, and Photochemical processing with 16mm, 35mm, and 65mm film.  By the time he was 18, he had purchased his own ARRICAM Studio & Lite 35mm production cameras and had shot an impressive amount of film footage on all types of productions, including live and studio television. To further his education, he pursued a Cinematography degree at Brooks Institute of Photography.

After graduating from Brooks, Mr. Busby worked extensively as a Cinematographer and at several motion picture laboratories to obtain more hands-on experience with film laboratory processing.  During this period he acquired expertise in the art of printing, scanning, restoration, and the preservation of motion picture film from the best film processing technologists in the industry.

When Digital started to become more prevalent in the industry and several Photochemical labs closed which resulted in a decrease in global competition within the film processing arena, Jaime saw this as an opportunity to create a hybrid film post production company focused on the preservation of film archives.

He began to collaborate with top film preservationists and technologists in designing a new Hybrid Photochemical and Digital laboratory in LA to support film services into the future.  

In addition, he has organized an experienced team of film experts who share his passion and desire for preserving archival film to partner with him in this business endeavor.

Mr. Busby is a textbook INTJ with the vision, grit and pure tenacity to lead. He has experience in industry negotiations and a learned, worldly perspective crucial to leading a creative Business endeavor. 

                      When asked "Why are you the person for this job?” he answers, "Nobody else will do it. I want to lead my generation in film preservation. The preservation of cinema sadly isn't intrinsic to today's youth as it is in other mediums. Nobody asks if it is important to preserve a Monet. Preserving the cinematic expression of humanity is non negotiable. I am proud to say that many of the top Motion Picture Film Engineers in the world stand behind my vision.”


Marie Bardin

SVP, Business Development

Marie is a seasoned business development, marketing, and sales professional with over 20 years in the film and video market sector. 

She is highly accomplished in the international business of film production. Most recently she was Director of Business Development, North America, for Cinevation/Piql. She is an active member of AMIA.

Robert A. Olson

sVP, Tech ops/quality control

A Legend among his peers in the Motion Picture Laboratory community, Bob has been actively involved in the motion picture community for more than 32 years. He is a Project Management Professional and Quality Assurance specialist with extensive Global Operations experience. His proven track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget helped Technicolor achieve and maintain its status as an industry leader. He also delivered uncompromising customer satisfaction to studio clients. Currently Bob is serving as Senior Vice President of Quality Control at Gotham Photochemical/GPC (Gotham Post Corp).

Bob is a natural leader; during his Technicolor days he conceived and implemented a global tech council committee to identify and define ‘best fit practices. Bob’s abilities include cost reduction strategies, quality improvement initiatives, and business development opportunities. His additional areas of expertise include cost improvement, process improvement, strategic planning, critical thinking, inspiring associates, and unparalleled world-class customer service with high profile clients while managing multiple complex projects simultaneously.

At Technicolor Worldwide Entertainment Services Bob served as Vice President of Technical Operations and Quality Assurance where he established and upheld global image and sound quality standards for theatrical releases. Providing global technical leadership to ten Technicolor facilities worldwide, Bob implemented laboratory process improvements around the globe that solidified Technicolor’s industry leadership. During this time he supported and led nearly 90 associates through a difficult consolidation of two Southern California locations.

During his Tenure as Vice President of Technical Operations and Quality Assurance Bob established, optimized, and published global metrics for quality, production waste, water usage, energy, and environmental impact. Remarkably in addition to providing domestic and global leadership, he dramatically reduced costs in Chemical Solutions, Research and Development, Technical Control, Quality Assurance, Process Engineering and Continuous Improvement departments. The achievement doesn’t stop there - Bob managed to achieve several other miracles, including:

  • Overseeing an annual P&L Budget of over $15M.

  • Reducing costs on primary constituents more than 65%.

  • Transforming a $23M debt ridden facility to profitability.

  • Succeeded in lowering unit cost beyond 36% over a five-year period.

Bob grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by people involved in all aspects of the film community. This early exposure to writers, technicians, and set designers fueled a passion that has lasted a lifetime.


Danny Nguyen

Film Apprentice

Danny Nguyen is a young and creative upcoming specialist in cinematography. His past with film making began early with five years of shooting and developing 35mm and progressing on to full scale film laboratory processing, and 4K scanning of 35mm/16mm film.

With a few years in camera work, Mr. Nguyen is competent in the knowledge of various 35mm cinema cameras. His involvement in film projects has shed a light on the surface of his own creative vision that will only continue to emerge as he continues to learn through experience. His growing knowledge, determination, and persistence to pursue his passion will only solidify the fact that Mr. Nguyen’s talent will continue to mature and flourish.