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What is "Gotham" Photochemical?

Gotham Photochemical, "GPC" for short, is a collective of well qualified Motion Picture Engineers, Chemists, Technicians, and Cinematographers who mobilized as a vanguard to carry the Film Industry's Celluloid services, including Archival Restoration, and Preservation film services into the future. 

Why "Gotham" Photochemical?

GPC's Founder Jaime Busby once lived on Los Angeles famous "Skid Row", and the conditions reminded him of the desolate industrial city of "Gotham" from Batman fame- so his nickname for Los Angeles is "Gotham".

Also, "Gotham City" is home to killers, clowns, crocodiles, and riddlers. Film engineers and preservationists fit in that demographic perfectly. 

Why open a film laboratory?

The world has a cultural and historical responsibility to properly maintain and preserve our film heritage. This includes cementing Motion Picture Film as a choice for current and future filmmakers. 

Also film looks good. We can't justify throwing out 100 + years of chemical imaging science for digital technology which is unproven in long term archival stability.

Gotham Photochemical GPC's mission is "The Defense and Preservation of Photochemical Cinema." Nothing more or less.

Can an arrangement be made between GPC and our University/School?

Yes. We can arrange specific discounts and services for educational purposes.

We have a strong Educational Outreach program in which we send our very own Educators, Lecturers, and Engineers to do major seminars at your school. They cover every situation you could encounter while working with Motion Picture Film, from Camera all the way to Print. 

The best part?
Film services utilized during our seminars are 100% free.

“For the Defense And Preservation of Photochemical Cinema.”